October 17, 2018 Marco Di Stefano

VO #16 My DAW is a monster – i9 7960X and 128 Gb RAM daw bench

i9 7960X power

Hi There, In this video I will show you the final build of my Digital Audio Workstation built with the following components:

The results are amazing, watch this video I have been able to play 100 instruments from Spitfire Audio in parallel, each with a changing expression/modulation/vibrato and articulations with a buffer size of 128. Just imagine that each of this instrument can use up to 400 voices!!

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Comments (4)

  1. Hi Marco!. I’m building a similar machine. I was just wondering, why did you switch your 7940x for a 7960x? i know it’s obviously better, but it’s already a pretty inflated price for the 7940x, it seems for me not worth it the extra 500€ for 2 extra cores.

    Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks very much!!


    • Marco Di Stefano

      Hi Alfred,
      Of course two more cores have advantages, mainly for a machine intended to last a decade 🙂
      Then back in October the 7960x price was about 300 Euro less than today, so I realised it was worth to make the switch, CPU price increased early October after the announcement from Microsoft of the new sky lake x. If the difference today is 500 Euro maybe is not worth it anymore, with a bit more you can buy a second hand machine to use in your rig.
      Up to you to decide!

  2. Steve

    Hi Marco where can I buy a desktop with the same all features you showed us ?

    • Marco Di Stefano

      Hi Steve, I purchased all the items separately and did the build myself. I did a long research to find the best price for each component and purchased them in different shops. I suggest you to do the same. Grab lot of ram, it is very cheap now

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