7 new expression maps available in the shop!

7 New expression maps now added in the shop

  • Orchestral Tools Berlin Symphonic Strings
  • Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings First Chairs
  • Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 1
  • Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 2
  • Spitfire Audio Albions Neo
  • Spitfire Audio Abbey Road One Foundations
  • Spitfire Audio Aluphone


UPDATED! Cubase Expression Maps up to 50% off

New version of Flow Professional 2.2.0 with Orchestral Tools libraries

Here it is a new version of the template

As promised, Orchestral Tools is entering the game with the Berlin series that have migrated to SINE player added in this version:

  • Berlin Strings First Chairs
  • Berlin Symphonic Strings
  • Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 1
  • Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 2

Others will come as soon as they move to SINE.

If you do not want to upgrade just read the change log and eventually you can reproduce the fixes on your template


0000048[improvement] Add all the missing microphones in SHZS (artificial harmonics)
0000041[improvement] Add the Full Brass instrument in the Junkie XL Brass library (artificial harmonics)
0000042[improvement] Add the Berlin Symphonyc Strings library (artificial harmonics)
0000043[improvement] Add the Berlin Strings First Chairs library (artificial harmonics)
0000044[improvement] Add the Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 1 Library (artificial harmonics)
0000045[improvement] Add the Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 2 Library (artificial harmonics)
0000038[bug] Expression map of SHZS contains twice the col legno (artificial harmonics)
0000029 1[cosmetics] Typing Mistake / VEP Template / ORCHE-05 / SBHT (artificial harmonics)
0000030[cosmetics] Typing Mistake / VEP Template / STRIN-03 / SCSP (artificial harmonics)
0000027[cosmetics] Typing Mistakes / VEP Template / STRIN-08 / OACE (artificial harmonics)
0000026[cosmetics] Typing Mistake / VEP Template / PERCU-03 / SHPP (artificial harmonics)

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