Just published a demo for Junkie XL Brass

Hi there, I have just finished to integrate Junkie XL Brass in Flow orchestral template and is time to make a demo!

I love this library, the annoying bugs of the first release has been fixed immediately by orchestral tools and the plugin is now working greatly!

Powered by Flow Orchestral Template


My PC specs:

  • Win 10
  • i9 7960X
  • AsRock Fatal1ty X299 XE
  • G.Skill 128Gb Trident 3200 Mhz
  • BeQuiet! Dark Pro 900 Rev 2
  • BeQuiet! Silent Loop 360 mm –
  • BeQuiet! Dark Power Pro 11 1000W
  • 3 Tb of SSD Samsung EVO 850, 860
  • Geforce RTX 2070

VO #17 Program a realistic MIDI orchestra: The rite of spring (Stravinsky)

Hi All,
Listen to the full track here first

Libraries used in this composition:
▸Spitfire Symphonic Strings
▸Spitfire Symphonic Brass
▸Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds
▸Spitfire Chamber Strings Professional
▸Spitfire Studio Brass Professional
▸Spitfire Percussion

FLOW Orchestral template

FLOW Pro 1.7

– Cubase Pro 10
– Vienna Ensemble Pro 7
– Lemur

PC Specifications
– Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-7960X CPU @ 2.80GHz
– 128 GB RAM

If you have any question do not hesitate to leave it in a comment.

Composed by Igor Stravinsky

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