April 1, 2021 Marco Di Stefano

Free major update of the Professional Template is released

Hi all,

Last night I released a new major version of the professional template v2.1.0, you can just download it from your admin area again, good news it is a free update
Change log available here

Very important you need to set the number of instances in Vienna to be at least 4 (and not 3)

6 new libraries have been added to the template

  • Abbey Road One
  • Albions Neo
  • Aluphone
  • Fragile Strings Evolution
  • Angular Strings Evolution
  • Woodwinds Evolutions

It also contains a major update in the naming of the Vienna instance, which is key for upgradability.

All Professional users are highly recommended to use this version, specially if starting to extend it with other custom libraries

Change Log

0000025[improvement] Change the name of the Vienna instance with a name that will never change (artificial harmonics)
0000024[new feature] Add Spitfire Aluphone in the template (artificial harmonics)
0000023[improvement] Move Spitfire Titanium Euphone in the Spitfire Percussion Redux instance (artificial harmonics)
0000022[improvement] Move Spitfire Harp in the Spitfire Percussion Redux instance (artificial harmonics)
0000021[new feature] Add Spitfire Fragile Strings Evolution in the template (artificial harmonics)
0000020[improvement] Improve mixer and groups (artificial harmonics)
0000016[new feature] Add Spitfire Abbey Road One in the template (artificial harmonics)
0000019[new feature] Add Spitfire Woodwinds Evolutions in the template (artificial harmonics)
0000018[General] Increase Vienna instances from 3 to 4 (artificial harmonics)
0000017[new feature] Add Spitfire Angular Strings Evolutions in the template (artificial harmonics)
0000011[new feature] Add Spitfire Albions NEO in the template (artificial harmonics)


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