Flow.cv Orchestral Tools Edition – Template upgrade

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Contains the Cubase PRO 13 and Vienna template plus all the data to be used with the Flow+ application


Flow.CV Orchestral Tools is the solution for modern composers who own multiple sound libraries from Orchestral Tools and wants to use a ready template.

The bundle includes:

Cubase Pro 13 /Nuendo Template with generic remotes, presets and expression maps
Vienna Ensemble Template
Configuration data to run the Flow+ app
Check below for the list of libraries included

Please note that this product does not contain the license for Flow+ which can be purchased in the professional bundle product

Integrated Libraries

Orchestral Tools

  1. Berlin Orchestra
  2. Metropolis Ark 0
  3. Metropolis Ark 1
  4. Metropolis Ark 2
  5. Metropolis Ark 3
  6. Metropolis Ark 4
  7. Metropolis Ark 5
  8. Tallinn Baltic voices and strings
  9. Miroire Period instruments and voices
  10. Salu Close-up soundscapes
  11. Umbra Shamanic ritual ensemble
  12. Loire French rormance ensemble
  13. Phoenix Orchestra Authentic chinese instruments
  14. Berlin Woodwinds
  15. Berlin Woodwinds Additional Instruments
  16. Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 1
  17. Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 2
  18. Whisper Gentle wind instruments
  19. Berlin Woodwinds SFX
  20. Berlin Brass Additional Instruments
  21. Berlin Muted BrassBerlin Brass
  22. Junkie XL Bras
  23. Berlin Brass SFX
  24. Berlin Percussion
  25. The Orchestral Grands
  26. Patina Living room piano
  27. Arbos Natural forest percussion
  28. Dagu Chinese theater drums
  29. Maenad Contemporary verrophone
  30. Ore Tuned metals
  31. Rimba Tuned wooden percussion
  32. Khosso Natural distorted percussion
  33. Illuvia Dystopian percussion textures
  34. Berlin Symphonyc StringsBerlin Strings
  35. Berlin Strings Special Bows I
  36. Berlin Strings Special Bows II
  37. Berlin Strings First Chairs
  38. Berlin Con Sordino Strings
  39. Berlin Symphonic Harps
  40. Benjamin Wallfisch Strings
  41. Peter Vasks Strings Chamber and first chairs
  42. Berlin Strings SFX
  43. Stringscapes by Benjamin Wallfisch
  44. Amber Downtuned string quartet
  45. Babel Studio voice textures
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