August 13, 2018 Marco Di Stefano

#14 Get my Lemur project for Cubase and Spitfire Audio Articulations

Finally the post which I promised to many of you is here, you can now download my lemur project to make your own orchestral template.

To understand how to use you can watch these other posts:

How to create an orchestral template

How to setup expression maps

Disabling tracks in Vienna

0 Cubase Control Tab

In this Lemur tab I have setup basic features to control the visibility of the track. It requires to make a small setup in Cubase.

It also contains a label showing the name of the selected track in Cubase and a button which allows you to enable/disable tracks in Vienna, allowing you to have an optimal usage of the RAM

Green button means track is loaded in memory

Red button means track is not loaded in memory

1 Quick Controls Tab

In this Lemur tab you will find 8 faders which I have mapped to the quick controls in Cubase. The label of the faders is synchronized with the track selected in Cubase, what it remains for you to do is to setup the quick controls so that they match the ones in the lemur project, or viceversa.

Labels of faders are synchronized with cubase selected track

A different setup for a different VST selected (London Contemporary Orchestra Strings)

2 Articulations Tab

This is the core of the Lemur template, via this tab you can select and switch articulations based on the track which is currently selected in Cubase. It works like charm!

Articulations for Spitfire Solo Strings Violin

Articulations for Spitfire Chamber Strings Violins I

3 VST Midi Controls Tab

This Lemur tab allows to control all the midi parameter of the selected VST. The difference with quick controls is that here we can have more than 8 and instead of creating automation on the track it will edit the midi channel values in the midi editor.

I honestly find it much more interesting to work with automation on the track, it allows me to have an overall view of all that is going on with the different instruments.

Articulations for Spitfire Solo Strings Violin

Articulations for Spitfire Chamber Strings Violins I

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