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Recording Microphone Setup in Cubase with Flow


I would like to actually store the microphone selection and mix for my Spitfire libraries in my Cubase project so that I can be sure at the launch of the project that they are correct (will not be the same for all projects that use the FLOW VEP Template).


What is a practical way of doing this ? Right now I am going track by track, manually recording some automation for each of the 3 microphones (C, T, A) just to have an automation track present and then editing it by hand to just set the mic volume once and for all of that track. This is incredibly tedious.


Is there a better way of doing so ?


Hi Emmanuel,


my 5 cents

When it is about composing you can use the standard FLOW where all the tree mics are loaded and that is enough. This template can stay open when moving from a composition to another

But when it is about rendering you will need to save a vienna file specifically for that composition because there are lot of parameters that will be tweaked and that will change the standard template. So at that time you can change everything you want in Vienna, also the mics, and save it in the project folder.

This is my workflow, hope it helps


Thanks Marco. I had missed your response but it makes sense. So in the end you have 1 copy of the VEP file per final rendered project