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Doubts about buying Flow

Hello Marco and everyone!

Download the free version of Flow and I'm very interested in maybe buying the Flow Symphonic Collection version.

I have : Cubase 10 Pro, Vepro 7 and Lemur.

But I have several questions and doubts please:

1º) Of Spitfire I only have Albion 1!

Everything else is other libraries: (Cinesamples, Orchestral Tools, Cinematic Strings, Native Instruments, Halion Sonic 3 Cubase, Omnisphere and some more).

Can I adapt these libraries to Flow ??

This would be my main question and concern when buying Flow.

I am in the process of creating my musical template (since I want to do and learn various types of music, orchestral, soundtracks, rock, etc).

You could explain what the process would be after buying Flow to adapt it to my libraries and equipment needs??

It is not very powerful : Intel Core i7-3770  CPU 3.40GHz  with  16GB RAM.

I hope to expand in the future, although this is not anything professional and it is because of passion and love for music and to do in my free time what I like the most.

I wanted to be realistic and adapt the template to the power of my computer.

I hope that the great option of disabling VEPRO tracks helps not overload my current computer.

Thank you very much for everything and I am waiting for an answer since I am very interested.

Thank you.

Regards Sorry for my English, I write from Spain and I am using the Google Translator, sorry.

Hi, thanks for using the forum.

Before the end of this month I will release a starter pack version of FLOW where there is only one library and that you can use to build whatever you want with it.

Here you can find a description of how to add other libraries:

The fact of disabling track makes that when you launch the template there are very little resources needed, of course the more instruments you add the more it will need power. So you will probably have to improve your machine based on the amount of resources/instruments you typically need.

Kind regards


Here is a special version of FLOW for you!

there are a few instruments in it, including albions I so you can use it as a starting point to build your own libraries



Hi Mark.

I just bought Flow Builder Pack. I hope to understand everything to be able to configure it well.

If I have any questions, I can ask you, right?

Thank you.

Hi Mark!

I just set everything up and I'm a bit confused.

There are things that work and there are things that do not work.

First, I guess it will have a lot to do, that I do not have any of the libraries with which you built this Flow Builder.

I already knew that but:

1) I do not see the name of the tracks in the first tab,(over the top of Lemur to the right of the green light to disable tracks in Vepro).

2) Do not change the articulations

3) The midi control changesDo not change Lemur when changing tracks.Is it because, logically,

I do not have any instrument loaded?

The rest I have to study and verify.

Thank you.

Hi Mark:

I have not received the Lemur test template to check if midi messages arrive from Cubase.

Here it is

Just connect it and select a track in cubase, it must show connection ok when it works



Quote from Marco Di Stefano on July 7, 2019, 11:37 am

Here it is

Just connect it and select a track in cubase, it must show connection ok when it works



Hi Mark!!

I have done the Lemur test that you have sent me and the result is:


What does this mean ?

I have been studying many of your videos about the configuration between Cubase and Lemur so that the change of joints works when changing tracks.

I have also seen the videos of Michael Zilnmer.

Tell me if the following steps on the operation of the process are correct, please!

1st)  We start from the base that we have already correctly created all the ports in Lemur.

2nd)  We create in Genetic Control in Cubase to send the CC126 to Lemur and receive the CC127.

3rd)  In Cubase each track is configured with a Tranformer so that when it receives the CC127 it sends a Poly Presure signal specified to Lemur.

4th)  When you receive this Poly Presure signal with a specific channel number and channel number in Lemur, Lemur is configured to show on the buttons of the Pads the articulations previously defined for this instrument.

5th) Then pressing a specific button will activate the specific articulation in Expresion Maps created so that from here a message is sent to Kontakt and activates the desired articulation.

Are these steps correct?

Have I understood it well?

In what step can my problem be?

Ah!  A question that I forgot! :

Why are there 2 Transformers per track?

A greeting and I will continue investigating, but I would appreciate it when you can continue to help me ...

Thank you!!

Sorry I am currently abroad, sad to hear that you did not yet find a solution

I can surely help you as from August

I will come back to you later


Quote from Marco Di Stefano on July 13, 2019, 6:08 pm

Sorry I am currently abroad, sad to hear that you did not yet find a solution

I can surely help you as from August

I will come back to you later


Hi how are you!

Sad because I still can't find a solution. 🙁

I hope you have time to help me.

Thank you.