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Flow 2 Reference Data

Version 1.0

In this document you can find a list of reference data used in Flow 2 template, like the codes used for the libraries or the folders.

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Section Code Order Color
Master 10
Orchestra o 20 #36464E
Woodwinds w 30 #0C46A0
Brass b 40 #B61B1B
Percussion p 50 #817616
Strings s 60 #1A5D1F
Choir c 80 #3D2622
Type Code Order
Ensemble e 10
Family f 20
Solo s 30
SFX x 40


Group Code Order
Piano o 05
High h 10
Low l 15
Plucked p 20
Tutti t 25
Mix m 30
Tuned u 35
Metal e 40
Wood w 45
Drums d 50
Toys y 55
Id Name Code Order
SA Spitfire Audio S 10
OT Orchestral Tools O 20
CS Cinematic Studio C 30
NI Native Instruments N 40


Id library name
CSBR Cinematic Studio Brass
CSSS Cinematic Studio Solo Strings
CSST Cinematic Studio Strings
CSWW Cinematic Studio Woodwinds
NSBE Symphony Series Brass Ensemble
NSBS Symphony Series Brass Solo
NSPE Symphony Series Percussion
NSSE Symphony Series Strings Ensemble
NSWE Symphony Series Woodwind Ensemble
NSWS Symphony Series Woodwind Solo
OBBA Berlin Brass Additional Instruments
OBBM Berlin Muted Brass
OBBR Berlin Brass
OBBX Berlin Brass SFX
OBOR Berlin Orchestra
OBPR Berlin Percussion
OBS1 Berlin Strings Special Bows I
OBS2 Berlin Strings Special Bows II
OBSF Berlin Strings First Chairs
OBSS Berlin Symphonyc Strings
OBST Berlin Strings
OBSX Berlin Strings SFX
OBW1 Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 1
OBW2 Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 2
OBWA Berlin Woodwinds Additional Instruments
OBWW Berlin Woodwinds
OBWX Berlin Woodwinds SFX
OJXB Junkie XL Brass
SAL1 Albion One
SAL3 Albion III
SAL4 Albion IV
SAL5 Albion V
SALN Albion Neo
SALU Aluphone
SARO Abbey Road One
SASE Angular Strings Evolutions
SBBC BBC Symphony Orchestra
SBDT British Drama Toolkit
SBHT Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit
SCSC Chamber Strings
SCSP Chamber Strings Professional
SEG3 EVO Grid 3 Strings in Motion
SEWC Eric Whitacre Choir
SFSE Fragile Strings Evolutions
SHPC Hans Zimmer Percussion
SHPP Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional
SHZS Hans Zimmer Strings
SLCS London Contemporary Orchestra Strings
SMSS Masse
SOAC Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions
SOAE Olafur Arnalds Evolutions
SOSW Orchestral Swarm
SPRE Percussion Redux
SSAS Alternative Solo Strings
SSBC Symphonic Brass
SSBE Symphonic Brass Extended
SSOS Solo Strings
SSSC Symphonic Strings
SSSE Symphonic Strings Extended
SSSV Symphonic Strings Evolutions
SSWC Symphonic Woodwinds
SSWE Symphonic Woodwinds Extended
STBP Studio Brass Professional
STEU Titanium Euphone
STSP Studio Strings Professional
STWP Studio Woodwinds Professional
SWWE Woodwinds Evolutions