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Flow 2 Removing libraries from Professional template

Version 1.0

Scope of this document is to show how to remove libraries from the professional template, in case you do not own all of those libraries or you want to create a smaller template for specific use

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1.1. Removing tracks and groups

  1. Open Cubase, and using Flow+ open all the folders and show all the tracks
  2. Using the hide action in the library window of Flow +, disable all the libraries that you want to keep in the template
  3. Remove all the remaining tracks in Cubase, take care to do not remove folders at this stage
  4. Remove the groups that are not used anymore
  5. Now you can come back to Flow+ and click the show all action, this will make the chosen libraries appear
  6. With the libraries shown now you can remove all the folders which are empty

1.2. Removing the racks

Now you are ready to remove all the VST racks that are not used.

After this you can save the Cubase project.

In Vienna Ensemble, you can now see the instances which are still connected to Cubase.

Remove so all the ones which shows to be not connected.

Now you can save the Vienna Ensemble Pro Template.

To reduce the data shown in Flow + to the libraries you want remove all the content of the data folder in Flow+ except those two:

  • macros
  • system

Now go in the data by library folder of the template project, for each of the library you want to keep, copy its content inside the data folder of Flow+.

After this a restart of Flow+ is needed, you will see that only the chosen libraries will now be displayed.