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Flow 2 Mixer Setup

Version 1.0

In this document you will find information explaining the setup of the Cubase mixer in Flow 2 and how to use it.

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Every audio output for the instruments must be routed to one of the many level 1 groups.

There are the following groups available:


  1. Mixed Sections


  1. Woodwinds High
  2. Woodwinds Low
  3. Woodwinds Mix


  1. Brass High
  2. Brass Low
  3. Brass Mix


  1. Percussion Tuned
  2. Percussion Metal
  3. Percussion Wood
  4. Percussion Drums
  5. Percussion toys
  6. Percussion Mix


  1. Strings High
  2. Strings Low
  3. Strings Mix


  1. Choir High
  2. Choir Low
  3. Choir Mix

Each of the above level 1 Groups are routed to a level 2 group

There are the following groups:

  1. Orchestra Tutti
  2. Woodwinds Tutti
  3. Brass Tutti
  4. Percussion Tutti
  5. Strings Tutti
  6. Choir Tutti

Finally all the groups of level 2 are routed into the group

  • All Sections

which is finally routed inside the

  • Stereo Out